Chief Mogale, the integrated human settlement, revolutionises the fabric of Mogale City and sets a benchmark for service delivery with the municipality. The total development yields 9 315 residential units with the priority phase, consisting of 725 fully serviced subsidy housing units, already completed and allocated.

Sustainability, economic growth and social enrichment

Chief Mogale, the integrated human settlement in Mogale City Local Municipality (MCLM), is a joint initiative between the MCLM, the Gauteng Department of Human Settlements (GDLGH) and ABSA DevCo. Chief Mogale’s development concept gives impetus to government’s Breaking New Ground development strategy andis fast emerging as a pulsating neighbourhood in which infrastructure provision, economic growth and social enrichment are in balance and result in sustainable development and equity.

ABSA DevCo, the implementing agent is supported by a dynamic team of specialists, headed by Infrastructure Development Company, Bigen Africa Services, who fulfils the role of project and development managers and civil and electrical engineers.

Project overview
With an overall project value of R1.2 billion, the Chief Mogale housing projectyields 9 315 residential units, among which, 4244 are subsidised, 2539 are institutional and 2532 are affordable free market (bonded) housing units – all of which seamlessly blend into the social and commercial facilities such as schools, clinics, crèches, parks, sports precincts, shopping centres, and public open spaces. As such, this development transcends the traditional concept of just providing shelter and aspires to reduce the housing backlog by more than a third within the MCLM, by virtue of the variety of housing options and tenure opportunities. Complimentarily, Chief Mogale offers the opportunity for integration with the neighbouring communities providing for economic, service and social linkages.

Thus far, 725 families have already been allocated subsidy homes and have access to all municipal services. In addition, the development boasts a community centre donated by ABSA Bank that comprises a hall seating 500 people, facilities for social workers, a boardroom, an amphitheatre, an industrial kitchen which can house a catering school, a computer room, and two lecture rooms.

The Chief Mogale Integrated Development project provides employment and skills training for approximately 2 000 people, of which 90% will be local.The total project development will be completed over a period of five years, and will be funded through various sources of public and private financing.

The development provides variety, flexibility and visual excitement, while at the same time being ecologically sound. Chief Mogale transforms the existing fragmented framework inherited by the apartheid regime and manifests into a safe, spirited, pulsating community that is socially, economically and fiscally affordable and sustainable.

Client Joint initiative between the Mogale City Local municipality, the Gauteng Department of Human Settlements and ABSA DevCo
Project manager Bigen Africa Services
Engineers Bigen Africa Services
Civil Contractors Mivami, and Moseme-Lonerock
Electrical Contractors Tshepang
House builders Uvuko civils and Kgoni trading
Community centre contractor BP Masanabo