Temeke, like other parts of Dar es salaam has long been suffering from an acute shortage of clean water but efforts by government and other bodies are, admittedly rather slowly but making progress nonetheless to alleviate the problem.
Poor infrastructure or lack of it is to blame for the unfortunately still growing problem, especially given the exponential population increase, about 2.8%.

While households grapple with domestic chores, tightly managing whatever meager contents of water they have managed to accumulate (many from broken pipes and even stagnant ponds or swamps) public service areas like schools, jails and hospitals are hardest hit.

Temeke regional hospital is just one such institution and this notwithstanding the fact that it is a Cholera Treatment Centre. Stepping up to the challenge, several well wishers have, over time, helped the hospital get over the obstacle but a lot remains to be done and companies and organisations alike are pitching in to fill the gap.

The project involves the provision of water storage tanks with a capacity of holding some 40,000 litres and this complete with a water pump motor, an initiative estimated to benefit more than 90 000 beneficiaries.

Speaking at a brief ceremony held at the Temeke Hospital during the commissioning of the project, the Temeke District Commissioner Sophia Mjema acknowledged the Serengeti Breweries’ support.
“The water issue is very profound and a preventive measure must be adopted…” asserted the commissioner.

Newly appointed Managing Director of Serengeti Breweries Steve Gannon pointed out that the WOL (water of life) initiatives have been very successful in Africa noting that they have been the driving force to sustainable water solutions. The efforts are aimed not only to serve as temporary solutions but rather say with boreholes contributing heavily to irrigation, offer a nationwide long term economic growth.

The Corporate Relations Director for Serengeti Breweries Limited, Teddy Mapunda said that SBL is committed, by principle, to working with the community and this as a way of giving back and providing long term solutions to the water crisis through provision of clean, sustainable water systems.

“We value the communities that surround us…SBL recognise that there are many water problems that can no longer be ignored and therefore we are in the forefront to be a part of the solution…” asserted the Corporate Relations Director.

In June 2006, the Water Of Life (WOL) projects were launched in 14 countries, mostly in Africa, supporting a range of initiatives including boreholes, hand-dug wells, rainwater harvesting and domestic filtration devices among others.
In Tanzania, EABL/SBL/DIAGEO (breweries) have set up some major water projects across the nation, such as the 384.6 million project in Mkuranga.

Source: ippmedia.com