In response to the newsletter disseminated on October 25, the City of Cape Town responded with the following information with regards solid waste minimisation efforts. The reporting was incorrect on some of the detail and the error is regretted. Below, the correct information. Yanna Erasmus

The City of Cape Town has a similar request but has tendered for a feasibility study “for the identification of investment measures as part of an Advanced Solid Waste Treatment System which would introduce modern and innovative waste treatment technologies in the City of Cape Town.” The study is to concentrate on the identification and assessment of treatment options defining frameworks for “waste treatment technologies prior to waste disposal in combination with an assessment of the potential of the developed measures for activities (biological treatment) under the Clean Development Mechanism(CDM).” The study however, should exclude the on-going activities to develop CDM landfill gas projects for the existing landfills.

The study for an Advanced Solid Waste Treatment system for one of the City’s integrated waste management facilities was completed recently in support of the implementation of waste minimisation initiatives. This is a precursor to implementation projects. The City of Cape Town is appointing a transaction advisor to assess the feasibility of such alternatives that will possibly involve private sector investment and is aimed at producing the tender opportunities if projects are deemed viable and affordable, and are approved by Council. The City is currently in the process of registering Programmes of Activity (PoA) with the UNFCCC under the CDM of the Kyoto Protocol prior to the expiry of the protocol. The PoAs for are landfill gas projects and for projects for the treatment of organic waste that will include sewage sludge. The mechanism that will be employed for the treatment of organics is anaerobic digestion, with the possibility of supplying the digestate to end-users for soil enhancement purposes. Initially one project per PoA will be registered, with others to follow.

The City has at yet not tendered projects, but the prospects are nevertheless exciting.