The theme of this year’s CESA Conference is “Unlocking Infrastructure Delivery and Restoring the Ethical Balance in Construction”.

The two part theme implies that infrastructure delivery is locked.

“We are not getting anywhere with this in mind,” stated CESA president, Naren Bhojoram, during his address at the conference opening yesterday morning.

He pointed out however that not everyone in the consulting engineering industry is trapped – there are those who choose to conduct their businesses in an unethical manner and together with their unscrupulous counterparts in the client organisations, are smiling all the way to the bank. This they do at the expense of their colleagues in the industry and society as a whole. In the end, they are stealing from their friends and family. Collectively restoring our ethical balance is the single most important key to unlocking infrastructure delivery.

Photo: CESA president, Naren Bhojoram