The Global Cleantech Innovation Programme (GCIP) for SMEs is a global initiative which promotes clean technology innovation and supporting SMEs and start-ups. GCIP was first implemented in South Africa in 2011 and now has ongoing activities in Armenia, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Turkey and South Africa, with projects already under development in a further 20 countries.

The initiative aims to spur local innovations in energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste to energy, and water efficiency. The programme combines a competition and a business accelerator for participating entrepreneurs in the programme.

The programme includes extensive mentoring and training on core business-related competencies for start-ups and SMEs, as well as specific technological, intellectual property, financial and marketing skills. It provides SMEs with the opportunity to liaise with potential investors and partners and gives them the opportunity to showcase their technological innovations to the media and the public. Winners will be awarded cash and national business support awards, as well as a chance to participate in the Cleantech Open Global Forum in the United States.


There is a series of criteria to qualify for the Clean Technology Innovation for GCIP. Technology innovation should:

• support mitigation of, or adaptation to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through zero energy efficiency, renewable energy, water efficiency and waste-to-energy

• be new, ground-breaking clean technology or technology that incorporates adaptation of existing clean technologies or uses existing commercially available technologies for unique applications

• have protectable intellectual property

• support improvements in profitability and/or competitiveness

• be at proof of concept stage up to pre-commercialisation.


Applications close 30 June 2014.