Since entering the South African market, Ammann has achieved a market share for their quality machines that has exceeded all expectations.

Under the stewardship of Rocco Lehman, managing director, the Swiss-based equipment and asphalt plant manufacturer is walking a path of serious commitment to all market players, from the emerging contractor to the most established construction companies.

Ammann manufactures not only asphalt-mixing, concrete-mixing and mineral-processing plants together with the respective control systems, but also compaction machines and pavers, and these have been making a big impression on the Southern African market over the last year, thanks in part to the company’s strategic partnership with ELB Equipment.

Championing the little guy

“I feel strongly about supporting new contractors,” explains Lehman. “This is a segment of a market that doesn’t always enjoy the kind of attention from suppliers that would really benefit them when they are starting out.” Ammann has a unique appreciation of the challenges smaller contractors face. “While we are in the business of developing the market for Ammann in Africa, we are very much a South African company in terms of the experience, technical expertise, market knowledge and support we provide,” says Lehman.

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