China’s first pump manufacturer to be listed on the country’s stock exchange is making waves in South Africa with its EDH range of stainless steel pumps.

The EDH pumps from LEO are designed for general industrial use as well as farming, mining and water supply applications.

The horizontal multistage pumps feature an AISI304 shaft and they are suitable for use in liquid temperatures up to +85°C and in altitudes up to 1 000 m.

Offered in single- and three-phase types from 0.37 kW up to 1.1 kW and from 0.5 HP up to 1.0 HP, the EDH range has a maximum suction of 8 m. The pump body is constructed from AISI 304 stainless steel making it suitable for use in harsh environments.

The motor meets IP44 protection requirements and is suitable for use in ambient temperatures up to +40°C. It has copper winding and a built-in thermal protector for the single phase type motor.

Not only is LEO the first Chinese pump manufacturer to be listed on China’s stock exchange it has the only state-authorised technical centre for physical and chemical testing of pumps and garden tools.

The company plays an important role in many critical fields such as civil water supply, agricultural irrigation, industrial water treatment, heating ventilation engineering, power station construction, petrochemical engineering, mining and more.

Their pumps are sold in over 140 countries and regions worldwide and the company has grown into the largest small-sized water pump manufacturer in China.

LEO is represented locally by Raptech.