In this edition’s Hot Seat, managing director Rocco Lehman provides insight into how Ammann SA ensures that its products and services are of optimal benefit to its customers, and how its unique ability to disseminate the best road building knowledge, skills, and technical support in the world can benefit not only its larger customers but even the remotest of communities.

Ammann SA’s value to the development of Southern Africa’s road infrastructure is far more complex than its ability to provide access to the world’s leading road making equipment.

The company is structured within its parent organisation to model its operations, products, and expertise in a way that works for the local market.

What’s been happening for Ammann SA in the local roads construction market recently?

RL  As your readers may recall, Ammann SA recently installed an Ammann Prime 140 asphalt mixing plant along the N1, which we had locally configured to enable the production of 40% reclaimed asphalt product (RAP).

Without rehashing the technical details, the configuration of the plant is an industry first, and the fact that it is now achieving 140 tonnes per hour – as we promised it would – is very much the product of how we structured the company and established its operations, in detailed consideration of South Africa’s very particular characteristics.

Ammann may be headquartered in Switzerland, but Ammann SA is extremely well geared for the South African market, in large part because of the vast experience we collectively have.

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