The Buffalo City Metro Municipality has urged residents to stockpile water as they face water restrictions which will last from Christmas till Valentine’s Day.

The municipality released a statement last Wednesday explaining that residents should need to have at least 25 litres of water on hand for emergency household use.

“BCMM is experiencing a higher water demand than expected during this summer season, which has resulted in very low water levels in the Mdantsane Water Supply System,” Buffalo City said in its statement.

The Mdantsane Water Supply System provides water to the Needscamp and Ncera villages, and Kaysers Beach.

Time to make repairs
Additionally, residents were asked to save the little water they had and to repair their own internal leaks and report any suspected municipal water leaks to the municipality.

The municipality is also upgrading the Mdantsane pump station at Mzonyana Water Treatment Works, which it is hoped will permanently resolve water supply issues in the area.

Expected completion for the upgrade is September this year.

Source: News24