Barloworld Logistics’ supplychainforesight is an independent study into South Africa’s business strategies and supply chains.

Collaborating with industry leaders, it attempts to identify key issues, upcoming trends and future opportunities across global economies and local businesses.

This year’s survey explores how successful South African companies are navigating smart – by finding sustainable, measurable, adaptable, resourceful and transformational solutions – to sustain and build new business models.

Over the past 13 years, the survey has addressed many themes, from organisational innovation to customer-centricity and change management to African expansion strategies.

With higher market disruption and greater economic and political uncertainty in South Africa, the ability of an organisation to sustain market position through its traditional business model and strategy has become increasingly challenging.

With this in mind, the focus of this year’s research – Navigating Smart – is about how South African companies have adapted to changing conditions and on how they are gearing up for an uncertain future.

As a participant in the survey, you will be able to see how your views of the past and future and perspectives on supply chain correlate with those of your industry peers and other thought leaders in South Africa.

All responses to the survey will be kept confidential and will remain anonymous, with only the aggregated results reported.

Participants will be included in a draw to receive a prize to the value of R10 000, will receive a complimentary copy of the full supplychainforesight 2016 report (to be published in Q2 of 2016) and will be invited to SCF 2016 launch events later this year.

Complete the 2016 survey here