As the above video shows, a major issue for cross-border transporters are delays and congestion at the border posts.

The below table, provided to us by Globaltrack, reveals the average waiting times, in hours, for road transporters for the past week, while comparing them to the week prior.

BorderThis weekLast Week
Beitbridge South Africa side1214
Beitbridge Zimbabwe side1012
Busia Kenya/UgandaNo dataNo data
Chirundu Zambian side1212
Chirundu Zimbabwean side711
Dedza Malawi side11
Dedza Mozambique side1511
Forbes Mozambican side45
Forbes Zimbabwean side44
Kapiri Mposhi Weighbridge52
Kasumbalesa DRC side2425
Kasumbalesa Zambian side1517
Kazungula Botswana side2315
Kazungula Zambian side4946
Kopfontein Botswana-South Africa1723
Martin’s Drift Botswana side1115
Martin’s Drift South Africa side811
Mwanza Malawi side1620
Mwanza Mozambique side22
N4 Parsene Load Control21
Nakonde Tunduma Tanzania side688
Nakonde Tunduma Zambian side3310
Nyamapanda Mozambican side23
Nyamapanda Zimbabwean side66
Skilpadshek Botswana-South Africa1322
Vic Falls Zambian side26
Vic Falls Zimbabwean side15