Transnet Port Terminals’ Cape Town Management recently accepted the opportunity to swap the four Terex Diesel Electric Straddle Carriers for six Kalmar Diesel Hydraulic Straddle Carriers with the Durban Container Terminal (DCT) in support of DCT to render an improved service.

The swap is said to benefit the DCT operation, while Cape Town may yield better results, due to the spares and maintenance that complement each other with the existing fleet respectively.

Although it could be said that the Terex Straddle Carriers are new compared to the Kalmar Straddle Carriers, the following was taken into consideration in making the decision:

With the Kalmar Straddle Carriers, the Cape Town Terminals would be able to optimise the spares holding, also allowing DCT the same as well, because of the large fleet of Terex Straddle Carriers within their operation, therefore resulting in improved reliability of the equipment in both terminals.

The Straddle Carriers will be delivered well in advance, prior to the wind and reefer peak season to allow the terminal to conduct maintenance that will ensure reliability and optimal use.

“The terminal’s current capacity will be restored and we are confident and are committing to sustain the reliable service afforded in Cape Town”, said Pamela who is the Terminal Manager for the Cape Town Terminals.