There are a finite number of South African companies able to repair cutting edge diesel fuel injection systems.

Reef Fuel Injection Services (RFI), authorised service agent to manufacturers of these systems, including Bosch, Delphi, Denso and Stanadyne, and local leader in Caterpillar diesel fuel injection systems, is one of them.

Andrew Yorke, director of RFI, says the company continues to invest heavily in the skills and capacities needed to provide a comprehensive repair and calibration service at its premises in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

“We have a thorough understanding of the latest systems and electronics that go hand-in-hand with current fuel injection system technologies, keeping us at the forefront of this service in the market,” says Yorke.

In addition to overhauling and calibrating all makes of diesel injectors and diesel injector pumps, the company specializes in common rail injector and fuel pump salvaging. Its service offering covers entire fuel injection componentry, ranging from a single cylinder to multi-cylinder conventional and electronic components.

These services are supplied to a number of markets, from light passenger vehicle transport all the way through to mining equipment fleets and long-distance transport operations.

RFI’s’ competitive edge in the industry stems from its close business affiliations to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the access it has to their specifications. RFI repairs are backed by OEM warranties and it handles warranty claims on behalf of OE dealers in many cases.

The company is able to remanufacture diesel fuel injectors to zero hour specification. These units are subject to ongoing testing, after which they perform at equivalent levels as new systems.

Yorke adds that the company’s service exchange programme is critical for many of its customers who operate in very demanding industries, especially long distance, heavy haulage transport. The programme offers remanufactured fuel injectors and/or fuel pumps for immediate installation, while RFI assesses, analyses and remanufactures damaged units, thereby reducing unwanted downtime.

Ongoing research and development and investment in specialised equipment and skills, continues to benefit RFI, while its sister company, Metric Automotive Engineering, itself a reputable remanufacturer of diesel engine components, is available to lend support when required.