Rea Vaya BRTThe Portfolio Committee on Transport is planning oversight visits to all municipalities that are implementing Integrated Public Transport Networks (IPTN) in an attempt to understand the challenges that these municipalities face.

The Committee interrogated Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) rollout plans, especially from those municipalities have not started implementation as yet. The Committee Chairperson Dikeledi Magadzi said there were lessons learnt during the phases of implementation of the system.

Magadzi added it was imperative that quality, reliable and affordable transport is availed to the people.

“This is one service delivery imperative that cannot wait as it must impact on bettering the lives of the people. Reliable transport is needed to better link our people with economic opportunities. This is in line with government objectives of infrastructure development and also radical economic transformation,” said Magadzi.

Developing a complimentary service

“This is the system that must complement the service offered by the minibus taxis and rail. The transport sector is central to any social, economic and environmental activities, hence as a country we need to put emphasis on improvement and innovation in public transport,” she explained.

Implementing cities like the City of Cape Town, City of Johannesburg and the City of Tshwane presented their expansion plans and the lessons from the initial phases, while other cities presented their plans pending implementation.

Magadzi said the IPTN, through BRT, is a good system that requires thorough monitoring, well maintained infrastructure, and buy-in from all stakeholders in the sector.

“This is an area we cannot fail as a country. Municipalities must better start implementing their plans so that people are linked with economic activities throughout the country,” she said.