Heddle Marine Service has signed a cooperative agreement under which the ship repair company will work together with Thordon Bearings to promote the conversion of ships’ oil lubricated propeller shafts to Thordon’s COMPAC open seawater lubricated bearing system.

The agreement will create an action plan which offers support to ship managers and owners looking to ensure their vessels are fully compliant with environmental legislation that looks at prohibiting the discharge of oil from the oil-to-sea interface of ships’ propeller shafts.

According to the companies, shipowners could face substantial financial penalties if their vessels are found to be incompliant.

“Thordon Bearings is a pioneer in water lubricated propeller shaft bearings, with over 40 years’ of experience in this technology,” said Shaun Padulo, President, Heddle Marine.

“By entering into this partnership, we will not only have an opportunity to expand our service offering from a local supplier, but will also have the opportunity to provide our customers with a real, long-term solution to the environmental problems they face with oil lubricated stern tube bearings and seals.

“With concerns increasingly being raised about the impact of pollution from ships on the marine environment, converting an oil lubricated system to seawater is the only guaranteed solution for today and tomorrow.”

President and CEO of Thordon Bearings,Terry McGowan added, “Heddle Marine is one of Canada’s leading shipyards with the capabilities and facilities required to carry out specialised ship repair, maintenance and conversion projects.

“This new partnership agreement provides a win-win situation for both parties. Heddle Marine will stand to benefit from having new customers and a new revenue stream with oil-to-water conversions, while Thordon Bearings will benefit from supplying the COMPAC seawater lubricated bearing equipment for upcoming conversion projects.”