Life Healthcare Group has completed its latest environmental sustainability project with the installation of solar photovoltaic panels at its Eugene Marais Hospital in Pretoria.

This is the third hospital in the Group to have solar panels installed in line with the Group’s medium- to long-term environmental sustainability initiatives to reduce carbon emissions and pressure on the national energy grid.

The project, which was designed and built for own use by the hospital, consists of  high efficiency monocrystalline PV modules installed on the hospital’s roof with a size of 333.6 kWp DC and annually will offset approximately 581 MWh of energy, 575 tonnes of CO2 and save 800 thousand litres of clean water.

Sustainability an integral part of business

“Sustainability is an integral part of how we do business. Life Healthcare’s sustainability programme was established in 2013 in response to increasing energy costs, as well as the business commitment to responsible corporate citizenship,” says Bhekisisa Ngobese, Group Engineering Manager at Life Healthcare Group.

“The installation of solar panels at the Life Eugene Marais Hospital is a further effort to optimise energy efficiency at our facilities. Life Healthcare Group is committed to ensuring that we play our part in terms of achieving the universal sustainable development goals to ensure increased energy efficiency as well as encourage responsible consumption and production of energy.”

Ngobese adds, “This investment into efficient energy will go a long way to reduce the emissions footprint of our hospitals as well as contribute in relieving the municipality electrical grid pressure in the communities we operate in.”

A culture of environmental awareness

The group has identified several key focus areas – such as increased thermal insulation and various other efficient designs that are in various stages of implementation – and continues to investigate further opportunities.

“Although a 10% reduction target has been set over a five year period, it is the intention of Life Healthcare to entrench a culture of environmental awareness throughout the organisation and continually strive for further efficiencies,” concludes Ngobese.