As part of International Coastal Clean-up Day 2018, Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages (CCPB), will be hosting a beach clean-up event that will take place on Sunday, 16 September 2018, in Muizenberg, Cape Town.  

The aim of the event, which ties into the company’s “World without Waste” initiative, is to raise awareness and educate beach-goers about the importance of keeping the country’s shores clean.

In conjunction with Coca-Cola’s other bottling partners in South Africa, a total of 14 clean-ups are taking place across the country – reaching as far as Mamelodi and Soweto to Durban and Muizenberg.

This is being done in partnership with Plastics SA for Clean-up and Recycle Week, which runs from 10-15 September and coincides with International Coastal Clean-up Day on September 15th 2018.

“The issue of plastics, recycling and ocean pollution has never been more crucial. While we can be proud of all that we have done over the years, as a country, we all need to play our part in saving the very environment that we are dependent on to survive,” says Priscilla Urquhart, Public Affairs and Communications Manager for Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages.

CCPB regularly organises beach clean-ups in an effort to contribute towards environmental sustainability, a core Corporate Social Investment (CSI) focus for the business.

With the focus on International Coastal Clean-up Day this year, CCPB with endorsement from the Two Oceans Aquarium, Averda South Africa, the World Wildlife Fund, Petco (The South African PET Recycling Company) will continue to raise awareness and educate beach-goers about keeping our coastlines clean and free of pollutants.