In the road transport and vehicle fleet sectors, there are several areas in which costs can be identified, managed and reduced.

This is according to Hein Jordt, MD of Ctrack SA who says one area in road transport that has a massive impact on operating costs pertains to the drivers.

In response to this and in the spirit of proactive cost management the company has dedicated solutions that can track and monitor driving behaviour and identify instances of harsh acceleration, braking and cornering, engine revving and excessive idling, among others.

Jordt notes that drivers prone to these types of behaviours on a daily basis cost transport companies thousands each month, and not just through increased fuel use, but also in vehicle crashes and increased vehicle maintenance.

Taking remedial steps and reducing costs

Armed with the information of how their vehicles are being driven Jordt says management can take the necessary remedial steps to address these problems, reduce their costs and potentially save lives.

The company also provides detailed information about employees working hours and whether or not vehicles are being driven for business or private purposes.

“It is possible to see if vehicles are being used during prohibited times or in areas they are not allowed to be in, all from the palm of one’s hand when viewing the fleet via the web on mobile devices.”

Optimising efficiency

“Vehicle routes can be scheduled and optimised for efficiency, meaning vehicles will travel fewer kilometres and get to their destinations quicker. Managers of transport companies can take it even further, by creating driver ratings or saving and exporting reports on fuel usage and worked hours,”Jordt explains.

The company’s various product solutions reduce a lot of manual intervention for fleet and asset types and Jordy believes businesses today cannot afford not to have the cost-saving insights, that companies like Ctrack can provide.