SprayPave has established itself as a dynamic presence in the South African road construction industry through constant innovation in both its operational structure and product range.

OVER THE PAST 30 years, SprayPave has grown and matured from its humble beginnings as a family-run plant hire business to its current stature as industry “all-rounder”. Its footprint extends through South Africa as well as further north in Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia and Botswana. In addition to its two branches located in Johannesburg and Durban, the company is readying itself for the launch of its third South African branch.

SprayPave’s new facility in the Western Cape is expected to be fully operational by January 2014. “The plant will feature a new bitumen reactor that will allow us to modify bitumen on a level not yet seen globally, let alone within the South African market,” states the company’s managing director, Steven Single.

He explains that the Western Cape facility will act as a template for the further development of existing plants in Johannesburg and Durban. “Our emphasis on quality and research and development, enabled through our state-of-the-art laboratories, coupled with our continuous product development and expansion stands us in good stead to remain a dominant force within the Southern African road construction industry,” he points out.

The company’s growth has required an ever-expanding fleet of bitumen sprayers and haulers – the large majority of which are powered by Scania trucks. All sprayers are fitted with technically advanced Etnyre spray bar systems. “Our newer haulers are powered by the latest R500 Scanias and coupled with ultramodern tankers,” explains Single.

The company believes that keeping abreast of worldwide trends is a critical element to remaining a step ahead within the local road construction industry. SprayPave’s range of bituminous products currently includes:

• CAT60, 65 and 70: cationic emulsions with 60, 65 and 70% binder content, as well as diluted variants
• SS60: anionic emulsion with 60% binder content, as well as a diluted variant, SS30
• Opti-Prime: a popular and eco-friendly cold prime
• SP1i: invert cold prime
• Opti-Cote: an extremely effective pre-coating product
• SE-1 and SE-2: effective and reliable polymer modified binders, which have become popular summer month binders for chip seals
• SC-E1 and SC-E2: effective and reliable modified emulsions, which have become popular solutions for binders required in winter month seal designs
• AE-1 and AE-2: effective polymer modified binders for asphalt surfacing
• MC30, MC70 and MC300: cutback bitumen currently manufactured at SprayPave’s Durban facility (and, in due course, at the Cape Town branch).

Over and above these specialised products, SprayPave also supplies all-penetration grade bitumen. All products are manufactured under strict guidelines in accordance with industry manufacturing and quality control standards.

Each plant, including the company’s fleet of mobile polymer and emulsion plants, has fully equipped laboratories with advanced testing apparatus used to monitor quality at production intervals and also upon completion.

SprayPave’s mobile plants enable access to remote areas throughout the Southern Africa region.

The company’s current growth is not limited to the launch of its Cape branch. Single reports that the Durban facility has had its footprint increased and laboratory upgraded. The Alrode branch has been expanded through the acquisition of an adjacent property where, among other things, a new workshop area is being established. In addition, the company has designed and built its highly energy efficient heat transfer system, which drastically reduces its reliance on power to constantly keep bitumen on-site heated to required levels.

As with most success stories, SprayPave’s power lies within its people. The company’s dedicated team of experienced staff has ensured that along with the company’s physical growth its intellectual magnitude has been symbiotic.

The bitumen market is one of constant flux and despite this, SprayPave has forged enviable, life-long bonds with industry experts and innovators – both locally and globally. “The recipe to any successful organisation is to have a team of like-minded individuals with a common goal and sound business ethics,” concludes Single.