According to FESARTA the traffic authorities at Dondo, near Beira, are harassing foreign drivers over the documents that the drivers carry.

Of particular note is the vehicle registration document for South African vehicles.

The registration document (RC1) shows the vehicle register number, but not the licence plate number. The authorities want the licence plate number to be shown on the document, and are issuing fines for it not being shown.

The South African licence receipt document (LCO) shows both the register number and the licence plate number. This links the vehicle to the registration document. But the traffic authorities do not accept this.

Another driver, this time from Zimbabwe, received a fine because of alterations to the vehicle registration book. The alterations had been done by the Zimbabwe authorities and stamped by them. But this was not acceptable to the Mozambique authorities and a fine was issued.

It has become clear that the authorities at Dondo generally harass foreign drivers.

This does not encourage good relations between countries and does not facilitate intraregional trade.

FESARTA state that the Dondo traffic authorities must be trained in trade facilitation matters and not harass drivers unnecessarily.

This has now been registered by FESARTA as an official non-tariff barrier with the relevant authorities in the region and is re-ferred to as NTB 633 – Dondo traffic authorities.