Retaining wall construction time lapse

Time lapse footage of building a segmental retaining wall. The old wall had failed and we re-built it using new Anchor Diamond Straight Face wall block. The wall holds up the homeowners driveway and serves as an extra parking spot when needed. The...

Recycle bin man: Funny gag

The little person waits quietly in the recycling bin until someone comes by and tries to put a can in the hole… Then he suddenly surprises them!! It’s an original way to collect the deposit!

Rachel’s Wish – clean water in Africa

Rachel Beckwith’s 9th Birthday party wish. Rachel’s family attends Eastlake Community Church (ECC) of Bothell, Washington. The pastor, Ryan Meeks, was promoting raising funds for an organization called “Charity Water”...

How to build a house in a day

This is a wood framing technology, originally from Japan, that I led the effort to transfer to the USA. Essentially a small group of untrained people can erect an entire house frame in 1-3 days, depending on the size of the structure.