CPD on Demand 2016

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Lesson 6: 2016 – Water Resource Management

Dr Ronnie McKenzie, MD of WRP Consulting and Chairman of the IWA Water Loss Specialists Group, talks about South Africa’s water situation, highlighting water leakage, government’s infrastructure and monitoring systems and the dangers of intermittent supply.

Lesson 7: Risk Management

Meggyn Marrot, principal broker and legal advisor at Aon South Africa, discusses risk management and professional indemnity cover in South Africa’s current adversarial contracting environment.

Lesson 8: Landfill and waste management

Length: 41 minutes

With rapid urbanisation, municipalities are running out of landfill airspace and having to create landfills further and further away. Stan Jewaskiewitz, founder of Envitech Solutions and landfill and waste management expert, speaks to the need for enhancing the useful life of landfill sites and airspace management.

Lesson 9: Selling your engineering services

Most engineers aren’t trained with business skills or how to sell. But Paul Whalley from Trysall Consulting defines selling as anything you do that makes a customer more successful. He talks about how engineers and contractors can better sell their services.

Lesson 10: PVC-O for bulk water pipelines

Length: 30 minutes

An introduction to the development of PVC-O pipe systems for large diameter high pressure trunk water infrastructure applications, including a discussion on their composition and manufacture, plus installation technique. PVC-O’s lower celerity value compared to steel, plus PVC-O’s capability to cope with high velocities are factors for engineers to consider.