CPD on Demand 2017

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Lesson 1: Evolving trends in Project Management

Length: 39 minutes

The evolution of the project management discipline has created high demands for new skills to master the challenges of our ever-changing work environment. Smart organisations are equipping employees with the necessary skill sets to think more strategically and innovatively, manage change and complexity with an agile, yet disciplined approach all while carefully monitoring the big picture.

Lesson 4: How to tender in South Africa

Length: 49 minutes

South Africa’s public procurement legislation changed in 2017. Werner van Rooyen from How2tender.com provides some insight into these new regulations and best practice for your tender submissions.

Lesson 5: Trenchless solutions for South Africa

Length: 54 minutes

Sam Efrat and AlasterGoyns, board members of SASTT, discuss the use of trenchless techniques for infrastructure projects in South Africa, touching on aspects including the benefits of trenchless, the available technologies, and the controversial labour aspect.

Lesson 6: Constructing with Gabions

Length: 48 minutes

Louis Cheyne, managing director of Gabion Baskets discusses the role of gabions in environmental engineering, looking at their applications, design, installation, and more.

Lesson 7: Understanding non-revenue water

Length: 42 minutes

Water demand management is crucial for South Africa’s socio-economic development. Dr Pieter Crous, management services engineer at Smec, discusses the water value chain, water demand management and non-revenue water within the South African landscape.

Lesson 9: Understanding readymix concrete

Length: 33 minutes

Johan van Wyk, Director of the Southern African Readymix Association (Sarma) talks the ins and outs of readmix concrete, including advantages and applications, common mistakes and challenges and how to correctly perform a slump test.

Lesson 10: Constructing G1 Crushed Stone

Length: 57 minutes

G1 Crushed Stone was once widely used for base course work in South Africa, but over the last 20 years, the necessary knowledge and skills to produce it seem to have largely been lost. Private consulting engineer Eduard Kleyn discusses the correct construction of a G1 Crushed Stone layer.