CPD on Demand 2018

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Understanding electrical heat tracing

Length: 41 minutes

Electrical heat tracing is used to maintain or raise the temperature across a number of media including tanks, pipes, pumps and valves. eltherm’s Giles Maynard discusses the technology and its applications which can be beneficial to a number of industries including bitumen, oil and gas, water treatment, plumbing and automotive.

Avoiding disputes in construction contracts

Length: 42 minutes

Construction contracts often result in disputes between parties. Uwe Putlitz, CEO of the Joint Building Contracts Committee discusses how to avoid disputes and resolve them when they do occur.

Managing South Africa’s water resources

Length: 40 minutes

South Africa is facing one of the worst droughts in decades. Peter Shepherd, principal hydrologist and partner at SRK Consulting, talks about water resource management and planning and how South Africa can secure its water sources for the future.

The Engineering Pattern Shop

Length: 47 minutes

Richard Harper, Project Manager at APE Pumps, talks about the art of pattern making and its vital application for pump design and downstream costing at the foundry, while exploring emerging trends such as 3D printing and CAD design.

How to combat sedimentation in dams

Length: 48 minutes

Sediment is continuously filling our dams and waterways, reducing the available storage capacity needed to meet South Africa’s ever-increasing demand for water. Peter Townsend, managing director of Amanziflow Projects, talks to CPD on Demand about the measures available to effectively combat this.

Exploring PPP and DBO opportunities

Length: 46 minutes

South Africa is increasingly having to turn to alternative procurement structures for infrastructure projects. CPD on Demand speaks to experts from MDA about public private partnerships (PPPs) and design build operate (DBO) contracts as solutions to some of the country’s challenges.

Legal risk and exposure

Length: 41 minutes

It is imperative that consultants in the built environment consider risk management. CPD on Demand speaks to Sam Baleson, Legal Risk Advisor at Aon South Africa about legal risk and exposure.

Drones | Legislation, technology & the future

Length: 47 minutes

The use of commercial drone technology is on the rise. Sean Reitz, managing director of United Drone Holdings, discusses how this emerging technology is changing the built environment and the legal requirements that must be followed.

Cubes & cores: hardened concrete testing

Length: 37 minutes

Hardened concrete testing must be performed in order to ensure that cast concrete meets the required standards. CPD on Demand speaks to Johan van Wyk, director of SARMA, about how the testing takes place and pitfalls to watch out for.