Taps are not running dry in Ngobi and surrounding areas | Infrastructure news

Following recent media reports that there is no running tap water in the Ngobi Village in the North West Province, the Department of Water Affairs has come out in strong opposition in a recent statement.

“The Department wishes to confirm that there has never been a time when the area of Ngobi was without water for an entire day since the department’s intervention. The fact is that water in the area is being rationed due to increased demand caused by severe heat and radiation. Therefore it should be obvious that at certain times there will be a shutoff of supply for a limited time during the day,” said Departmental spokesperson, Chief Director: Communications Mava Scott in a statement released 12 February this year.

The village of Ngobi is one of sixty six villages in the Local Municipality of Moretele, which lies some 60 km north of Tshwane. This village comprises 1 261 households with an estimated population of around 5 044 persons.

According tothe Department,“there is indeed water in most parts of the Village.” Scott added that currently eleven boreholes are in operation in the Village and its surrounds, with water being supplied to residents in low-lying areas.

The statement further noted that the water supply through tankering in high lying areas in Ngobi village and other affected areas is progressing and that the Ngobi to Selepe bulk water supply pipe line projectis also at approximately 99% complete. “This will also help to alleviate further challenges resulting from the location of some of the villages surrounding Ngobi.”

Scott added that the Department of Water Affairs has been instrumental in efforts to try to bring a constant supply of tap water to residents of the Village mentioned during the 2012 State of the Nation Address. “However isolated incidents of taps running dry for a limited period during the day do occur in particular in high lying areas where there is a higher demand among other significant challenges.”

During a recent site visit led by the Department of Water Affairs, officials on 23rdJanuary 2013 it was also confirmed that the construction of a reservoir in the area – due to be completed in March this year ( 2013) – is progressing well and should soon contribute to ensuring continued supply.

“The Minister of Water wishes to reassure the communities of Ngobi that her department is doing all in its power to ensure a consistent supply of clean drinking water despite the challenges in the high lying areas,” concluded Scott.


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