Tanker incident at the Port of Durban | Infrastructure news

Just after 3 am on Friday 3 October a tanker, the MT Pacific Quartz, carrying diesel was suspected to have touched bottom off the North Pier at the Port of Durban.

According to a statement released by Transnet National Ports Authority, the tanker damaged a ballast tank on the starboard side just in front of the accommodation quarters and began to take water.

The statement also said, the ship has been ballasted to keep her upright and afloat. There are two pilots on board keeping Port Control informed of the situation and advising the ship’s master of local conditions.

The MT Pacific Quartz was heading for Island View 8 in swells of 5 to 6 metres and a wind speed of 8 to 10 knots when the incident happened. The incident is currently being investigated by SAMSA.

According to the ports authority, there is no risk of pollution as the vessel is a double hull tanker and all cargo tanks are intact, and the crew is unharmed.

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