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The Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative (MCLI) celebrates its 10th anniversary in Maputo on Thursday 30 October.

At this event the MCLI celebrates 10 years of incredible growth, hard work, remarkable achievements and most importantly, 10 years of partnership with stakeholders which has been instrumental in enabling the corridor and this organisation to reach this milestone.

At the same time the CPI and the Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative in partnership with Metreta Investments are also hosting a Business Opportunities and Investment Conference.

The event will be attended by MCLI members and corridor stakeholders across the logistics supply chain as well as important players from the Mozambican, Swaziland and South African business community, as well as public sector representatives. The event will include a look at the achievements of the organisation and recognition of the extraordinary contribution of key role players in its success.

For further information email ivor.masher@mcli.co.za.

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