Construction sector seminar kicks off this week | Infrastructure news

The Department of Labour is gearing up to host the Construction Sector Seminar on the 2020 vision for the Construction Health Safety Industry, on Thursday.

Newly-appointed Department of Labour Deputy Director-General of Inspection and Enforcement (IES), Aggy Moiloa, is expected to deliver a keynote address at the seminar to be held at the Emperor’s Palace, in Boksburg.

It will be preceded by an intensive training of the department’s inspectors – who will be responsible for the administering of the new Construction Regulations 2014 which comes into effect in August and how to administer the permits that will regulate the management of construction projects.

The new Construction Regulations were promulgated in 2014. The implementation of the new Construction Regulations was necessitated by a need to work towards creating safe and healthy working environments in construction and maintenance sites in South Africa.

The seminar will be held under the theme “Construction Regulations 2014 – Implementation Phase”.

The launch of the new Construction Regulations 2014 is intended to advance the “Zero Harm” initiative in workplaces and promote a meaningful social dialogue in occupational health and safety matters.

Other issues to be discussed during the seminar include a presentation on new innovations regarding ‘Letter of Good standing’ key aspects of the construction industry and the Construction Regulations 2014; and registration of health and safety professionals.


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