Inquiry into M1 bridge collapse to take six months | Infrastructure news

The Department of Labour will launch a formal inquiry to establish what exactly led to the M1 bridge collapse earlier this month where two people lost their lives and 19 were injured.

According to a report by TimesLIVE the department’s chief inspector‚ Tibor Szana‚ said that it would be conducting a formal inquiry in terms of Section 32 of the Occupational Health Safety Act.

The inquiry will focus on the responsibility of the client in terms of construction regulations‚ the materials supplier and the agent who deals with contractor.

Szana said on Wednesday morning that the department would also be looking more closely at the design drawings.

The department said the investigation would take at least six months to complete.

He said there were people that still needed to be interviewed relating to the incident that happened on October 14.

The collapse killed two people and injured 19‚ three of whom are still in hospital.

The construction and design of the bridge was awarded to Murray and Roberts.

Szana said once the investigation had been completed it would hand the details over to the National Prosecuting Authority‚ who would decide whether or not to prosecute.

TimesLIVE (Shaun Smillie)


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