Initiative aims to create safer drivers | Infrastructure news

Ctrack has partnered with Vulindlela Underwriting Managers (VUM) to encourage Uber driver partners to improve their driving behaviour and lower their insurance premiums.

Driving style is measured by a Ctrack telematics device installed in Uber vehicles, which creates monthly driving behaviour scores. Harsh braking and cornering, excessive speeding and distances travelled are all taken into account when determining scores and subsequent premiums.

The device informs VUM as to the number of kilometres the driver covers in a week, with the insurer charging a set amount per kilometre, which is deducted weekly from the driver-partners’ fares.

“This model has huge potential for the South African market where road fatalities are at unacceptable levels, as good driving styles can only lead to improved safety on the road,” says Pierre Bruwer, managing director of Ctrack SA. “As adoption of such technology increases so does the awareness and contribution to improving driving habits in the country,” he adds.

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