Bridge collapse: forensic investigation underway | Infrastructure news

Source: eNCA

The Department of Labour (DoL) has started its inspection to determine the cause of the collapse of the unused pedestrian bridge over the N3 highway.

Five people were injured, three seriously, when the bridge collapsed in the early hours of the morning on 9 August. The collapsed bridge, located over the N3 between the M2 Gildenhuys and N3 Gillooly’s interchanges, blocked the highway in both directions, resulting on motorists having to be diverted.

The DoL took over the site yesterday afternoon and the department, Sanral and the Ekurhuleni DEMS agreed to procedures for the clearing and preservation of any evidence that could be useful during the investigation.

The cutting up of the bridge started just before 14:00 and the rubble was cleared and the road opened to motorists this morning.

Minister of Transport Joe Maswanganyi has welcomed the immediate commencement of the forensic investigation to determine the cause of the collapse.

There is speculation that the bridge collapse was linked to an earth tremor in the area, but the exact cause is expected to be determined through the forensic investigation.


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