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G-Eco food wasteProperty investment giant, Growthpoint, recently launched an innovative pilot project that turns the large volumes of food waste generated by client businesses at its properties into compost.

The project, named G-Eco, short for Growthpoint Eco, is a partnership with Life & Earth and is currently being tested at Growthpoint Business Park in Midrand using waste produced at four of the company’s large multi-tenant properties in the area.

The initiative kicked off with the installation of a food waste composting machine at the company’s Business Park in Midrand. The plant turns food waste into 100% organic compost and can process up to 1 000kg of food waste each day with the capacity to make about nine tonnes of compost a month.

The company’s current waste contractors at Growthpoint Business Park, Woodlands Office Park, Woodmead Retail Park and Central Park were trained about the process and how to separate wet waste at source. They also worked with their clients at these properties, encouraging them to separate their food waste.

16 tonnes of waste diverted so far

G-Eco food waste composting machine

G-Eco food waste composting machine

During its first four months of the trial, Growthpoint diverted 16 tonnes of waste from landfill and produced six cubic metres of nutrient-rich soil, which is reapplied at the Midrand Business Park.

“The G-Eco waste-to-soil project is one component of Growthpoint’s bigger waste management strategy,” explains Werner van Antwerpen, Head of Sustainability at Growthpoint.

It already reduces waste through recycling, and plans to ensure all its buildings have onsite recycling by the end of 2018.

More waste-to-soil plants on the way

Based on the success of the G-Eco pilot, the company plans to introduce more waste-to-soil plants in other areas of the country where it has clusters of property assets.

“We are excited to find out exactly how much waste-to-landfill we will be able to save with our different waste management programmes, but we are confident that it will be substantial,” says van Antwerpen.

He also notes: “This innovative project contributes to Growthpoint’s environmentally responsible leadership and furthers our sustainable business journey.”


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