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Engineered Linings (EL) is a division of PSV Industrial and has been servicing the industrial and mining sectors for 33 years. Marketing Executive Hein Jansen van Vuren describes how EL provides the best-quality product for specific applications in order to protect human health and the environment.

What does EL offer that other geomembrane suppliers do not?

HJvV  EL has been working hard on finalising a B-BBEE equity partnership, which will be effective in the next few months. By becoming a fully B-BBEE-compliant linings company, EL will be able to expand our services to government and other statutory industries. We strive to be reflective of South Africa’s diversity, empowering our people, clients and other stakeholders through social investment and skills development.

What is the company’s stance on pollution dilution versus concentration and containment?

The global population is growing rapidly and open space is at a premium. We should, therefore, be reducing the quantity and type of waste sent for landfill disposal as far as possible. The dilution of hazardous or toxic substances by mixing with unpolluted wastes is not an acceptable substitute for the treatment of waste, its containment or disposal.

Even when diluted, these toxic contaminants (albeit at lower concentrations) remain a threat to the environment.

At EL, we believe that mankind has a responsibility to maintain and protect our natural resources. Future generations need to inherit a sustainable planet with the critical objective of perpetuating this legacy indefinitely.

How would concentration and containment assist?

Processes for the treatment of toxic waste produce a concentrated mass of contaminants that need to be safely contained, utilising the best practices currently available. It is, therefore, critical that these concentrated contaminants be stored using the best practices available. Concentration has a much smaller disposal footprint than pollution dilution. It is critical all water resources be regularly monitored to uncover pollutants. Polluting companies/individuals must be held criminally accountable and forced to fund the clean-up.

What is the company’s full range of landfill lining products and services?

EL specialises in the supply and installation of geomembranes and other geosynthetic products for the containment of liquids and solid waste. Installations can range from potable water structures to large containment facilities.

The lining systems in these structures range from single-layer systems to complex multilayer systems; depending on the material stored and the environmental protection level required. Our lining systems are supplied and installed to the highest available quality standards and material specifications.

EL supplies and installs (inter alia):

  • geomembrane linings, in high- and low-density polyethylene
  • geotextiles – full range of weights
  • geosynthetic clay linings
  • drainage composites – Leakdrain
  • reinforced flexible geomembranes.

What installation quality assurances do you offer?

The linings EL installs are manufactured by its suppliers in accordance with the international Geosynthetic Research Institute standards for geomembranes and barriers (GRI-GM). This specification defines minimum physical, chemical and mechanical properties that must be met, or exceeded, by the geomembrane. Liners that meet these standards are made from premium-grade, virgin polymers based on the best available technology. They have the necessary carbon black, heat stabilisers and antioxidants to provide the best possible ultraviolet protection. EL is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certified and installations are done in accordance with SANS 10409:2005.

Our experience and track record are proof that EL will honour our commitments to our clients. Our vision is to provide clients with the best possible solutions available for the protection of the environment and scarce water resources.

What is EL’s business philosophy, mission and values?

We are committed to supplying and installing the best-quality geosynthetic materials available through continual improvement of our installation methods, quality management systems
and training.

We do not compromise on quality and environmental protection but always strive to remain competitive.

In what applications has EL installed geosynthetic linings?

EL has installed geosynthetics in numerous structures, including:

  • landfills
  • heap leach pads
  • tailings storage dams
  • solution storage ponds
  • water storage ponds
  • oxidation ponds
  • floating covers
  • reservoirs
  • aquaculture ponds
  • irrigation dams
  • water features.
In each and every case, the geosynthetic linings installed by EL have performed the function for which they were designed and specified. Whether as a lining for an irrigation dam or a base layer on a heap leach pad to contain pregnant gold solutions, these linings are all success stories.

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