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South Africa’s largest paper recycler is calling on citizens to reduce their carbon footprint this festive season by recycling all excess paper and packaging generated during this time of year.

“With the end of the year looming, many individuals, households and businesses begin to file, archive and clean out cupboards and storerooms to make space for the New Year. These efforts often generate large amounts of unwanted paper,” says Managing Director of Mpact Recycling, John Hunt.

“Couple this with the extra packaging and wrapping from festive gifts and season celebrations and you have yourself a stack of paper waste,” he adds.

Hunt believes the holidays present an unmissable opportunity to put recycling practices into effect.   “Refuse needs to be checked for items that can be recycled.  So before you even throw that piece of paper into the dustbin, throw it into a separate bag or bin. Much of what we call rubbish is actually recyclable,” he notes.

With kerbside collections closing on December 16 and resuming operations on January 5, Mpact is encouraging citizens to visit their website and locate the nearest paper-bank or school where they can donate their recyclables to in the meantime or alternatively wait until early January to put their full Ronnie bags out onto the pavement.

Festive up-cycling ideas

“In addition to getting recyclable items to their nearest school or community paperbank or their nearest buy-back recycling centre, South Africans can consider converting or reusing some of these everyday items, giving them a new purpose this Christmas season,” Hunt explains.

In the interest of sustainability, paper can be up-cycled into decorations. Plastic can also be up-cycled into creative Christmas gifts. Any food waste can be used a compost heap.

“The festive season is a time for spending time with family and friends, but it’s also a time to remember our sustainable living goals and be mindful of reducing our waste. And reducing waste to landfill is one of the greatest gifts we, as South Africans, can give to this beautiful country of ours,” he concludes.

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