Eastern Cape dam levels dip once again | Infrastructure news

Dam levels in the Eastern Cape have dipped yet again according to the latest report on water levels in the region released by the Department of Water and Sanitation.

Dam levels have declined to 61.3% compared to the 61.7% they were at last week. The Department has expressed its concern about the decreasing dam levels in the province and has urged residents to use water sparingly.

The province has been plagued by declining dam levels with the drought greatly affecting the rural economy. Some towns within the province were forced to introduce water shedding in an effort to conserve the limited amount of water that was available.

The latest report by the Department of Water and Sanitation has revealed that Algoa Water Supply System, with dams supplying Nelson Mandela Bay and surrounding areas has improved slightly from 53.9% to 54.2%. The Algoa Water Supply System consists of dams such as Kouga, Loerie, Impofu among others.

Elsewhere in Buffalo City, the Amathole Water Supply System has decreased to 73% from 73.6% last week. The Amathole system covers the eastern part of the province and includes Nahoon Dam, Wriggleswade Dam, Laing Dam, among others.

“As most parts are affected by the heat wave, we appeal to all water users to reduce water consumption and to particularly avoid using water for entertainment purposes as this will put a strain on our water resources,” the Department noted.


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