Cape Town launches city-wide clean-up campaign | Infrastructure news

The City of Cape Town has allocated an additional R115 million for clean-up operations as part of its efforts to maintain the beauty the mother city has become renowned for.  

This comes after calls from residents for the City to keep a lid on grime in and around the city.

Commenting on the announcement executive Mayor Dan Plato highlighted that while the City has allocated the extra funds for clean-up efforts it is going to need the assistance of residents.

“While growth and development are indicators of success, they come with a greater need to keep a hand on the health and physical appearance of our shared spaces. We want the street you live in and the park your children play in to be clean and safe,” he explained.

Budget breakdown

In the tabling of the adjustment budget in January, an additional R115 million was allocated towards cleaning up our communities which will be used as follows:

  • R56 million will go towards additional cleaning of informal settlements
  • R14 million is allocated for the recruitment of Expanded Public Works Programme workers who will assist with community clean-ups
  • R20 million is allocated to the Area Cleaning Division in our Solid Waste Management Directorate, specifically for services in our poorer areas
  • an additional R25 million is earmarked for the Recreation and Parks Department which will go towards grass cutting and maintenance across all wards

A team effort

“The city’s Solid Waste Management Department works hard to ensure that high levels of cleanliness are maintained. Our staff removes residents’ refuse and EPWP workers keep our streets clean. However, it is also the responsibility of residents to throw their refuse in bins and not illegally dump waste on the side of the road or in open spaces,” Plato said.

“We want this clean-up to be a team effort and something which creates pride within communities,” he added.

Plato noted that he will be visiting a number of communities in the coming weeks to make sure the City is spending its budget effectively and efficiently and I’ll be picking up litter, sweeping streets, and making sure that illegal dumpers are caught and fined.

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