City of Cape Town cracks down on illegal dumping | Infrastructure news

People who litter and dump waste illegally, should start shaking in their boots, because Cape Town City’s Anti-littering and Dumping Task Team will be out in full force to bring those who dump to book.

If found to be on the wrong side of the law, repeat offenders could have their vehicles seized or receive fines and impoundment fees of up to R22 000.

The City’s Law Enforcement Department – working closely with other City Departments such as Metro Police, Traffic Services, Solid Waste Law Enforcement, Water and Reticulation as well as Environmental Resource Management – will implement a zero tolerance enforcement programme, to stop illegal dumping.

Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, JP Smith says the Integrated Waste Management By-law authorises the City will seize and impound any vehicle used or involved in illegal dumping. 

“For July and August 2019, the Law Enforcement Department has issued at least 905 littering fines and 168 dumping fines. Officers have been enjoined to sustain and increase the enforcement of these contraventions. 

“Illegal dumping has a serious effect on the natural and built environment and the City of Cape Town has the responsibility, on behalf of residents, to protect the environment. 

“Apart from destroying the environment, including contaminating subterranean and surface water resources as well as possible health risks, dumping can also damage city infrastructure,” said Smith.

“Those who intend to dump, should know that the seizure and impoundment of the vehicle used in dumping will be for the expense of the owner or the person holding or operating the vehicle.” 

The vehicle will not be released unless the case is concluded and on receipt of the fees payable which include an impoundment fee:

  • First offence R8 700;
  • second offence R11 700;
  • And third offence R17 400. 
In addition to the above, the offender will also be issued with a fine to the amount of R5 000 for contravening the by-law.

Although illegal dumping is prevalent across the metropole, the Task Team will identify certain hotspots so as to improve operational efficiency. In this regard, the City’s Law Enforcement Department will work closely with other City Departments.

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