New report finds systemic corruption in SA water sector | Infrastructure news

Corruption in South Africa’s water sector has put the country’s water security at risk, according to a new report.

The report, titled “Money Down the Drain: Corruption in South Africa’s Water Sector“, highlights how systemic corruption in the water sector could impede the state’s ability to provide the resource.

The report was released by the Corruption Watch and the Water Integrity Network (WIN) on Thursday. Corruption Watch is a Berlin-based Water Integrity Network.

They say that corruption in the sector “has gone through the roof”.

The report touched on corruption scandals reported in the media, including the R4bn SA lost to irregular expenditure during the tenure of Nomvula Mokonyane as water and sanitation minister from 2014 to 2018.

It also cited the R247m project to provide water services to Giyani in Limpopo in 2009.

Lewis says many corrupt public officials collude with contractors to sabotage or stall water projects to receive kickbacks.

“We’re talking about deeply systemic corruption, from the management of the natural resource to the delivery to homes, businesses, and hospitals. A lot of the report is based on a variety of case studies. It’s a system that has become deeply corrupted at all levels of its operation.”

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