BoaTech: Episode 5 – Dynamic Data Masking | Infrastructure news

“Dynamic Data Masking (DDM) is usually defined as the ability to change the data stream so that the person or entity requesting the data does not get access to the personal and sensitive data. Further, the original records in the original production remain unchanged.

In the context of DDM, you should ALWAYS position Structured Data Manager (SDM) and Secure Data Appliance (SDA) together. The organisation needs to know what to mask first (with SDM).

Once that’s understood, they can transform the sensitive data (encrypt, mask, tokenize) as appropriate (with SDA). Knowing what to protect is why discovery and classification of data is so important. That requirement applies to all data types – structured and unstructured.”

In this, the 5th Episode of “In conversation with….” Sponsored by Micro Focus Channel, Boas Chauke, CEO of BOATech tackles the topic of Dynamic Data Masking.

What is it? Why is it important and who is responsible for this in the enterprise?

At first glance this seems a simple concept however with regulatory compliance and reputation management, this small topic could have catastrophic consequences if not managed well. Join us as we unpack this interesting topic.


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