Water in Northern Cape Exceeds the 100% Mark | Infrastructure news

Water storage in the Northern Cape is currently at 113.7% due to heavy downpours of rain in many parts of the country. The Full Supply Capacity of the province which is 146.3 million m3 is exceeded and currently stands at 166.3 million m3 full.

An additional 2 sluice gates in the Vaal Dam will be opened today bringing the total number of open sluice gates to 5 due to sharply rising water levels in dams. Rainfall in many parts of the country is expected to continue, further increasing water levels. Water releases from the Vanderkloof Dam which borders the Free State and Northern Cape provinces have been adjusted to 368.87m3/s.

Communities downstream of the Lower Vaal and Lower Orange Rivers systems have been warned to stay clear of impending increases in river flow levels.

The Orange River is overflowing at 104.7%, Spitskop in the Vaal River system

– 105.3%, Vaalharts in the Vaal River system

– 96.3%, Douglas in the Orange River system

– 114.3%, Boegoeberg in the Orange River system

– 184%, The Karee Dam is currently at 14.4%

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