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Mariswe has a large and diverse team of technical experts with a proud reputation of excellence in designing and managing transportation construction projects in South Africa and several other African countries.

During 2022, Mariswe celebrates its 50th year as a South Africa-based project management, infrastructure planning and consulting engineering practice. Here, the firm’s Transportation Division has played a very meaningful role in its half century.

For the Mariswe team dedicated to transportation infrastructure, this has been a period of exploration, networking, growth and change, frequent reassessment, and dedication to fulfilling client needs through professionalism and innovation. Mariswe’s transportation sector clients continue to be its most loyal across the business.

Deeper inspection of what drives transportation projects at Mariswe reveals core principles that are shared by all – passion for the job, quality of service, finding solutions, as well as the space to innovate, agility and investment in people, among others. Mariswe’s mantra – ‘Improving Lives. Engineering Solutions.’ – is taken seriously. If you don’t buy into this, you don’t work there. So, what has made Mariswe’s Transportation Division one of the strongest pillars of the company for 50 years?

Complete solutions “We pride ourselves on taking complete solutions to the market,” explains Adrian Skea, Technical Director and Regional Head in the Western Cape, who plays a leading role in communications with SANRAL, one of Mariswe’s biggest clients in the South
African transportation sector.

“Importantly, we see ourselves as a diverse and highly experienced group of technical resources. It doesn’t matter where you sit, we will assemble a team from across our business to match every project – from tendering to completion. Each member of the team will bring different strengths and we will work together to find the optimum solution.”

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