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The National Cleaner Production Centre South Africa (NCPC-SA) invites companies interested in improving their resource efficiency and saving money to register their in-house representatives and/or consultants for upcoming NCPC-SA training courses. 

Since establishing the trainee programme in 2010, the NCPC-SA has invested a considerable amount of time and effort in training and developing green economy sector professionals specialising in: 

  • resource efficient and cleaner production (RECP) interventions,
  • energy management systems (EnMS),
  • energy system optimisation (ESO),
  • renewable energy, and
  • power quality.
The investment has yielded positive results, with over 8 600 professionals trained and equipped with the knowledge needed to assist their companies to operate in an efficient, sustainable, and competitive manner. 

Wendy Da Cruz, an Energy Management Consultant, joined the ranks of professionals trained by the NCPC-SA in 2011 and has not regretted her decision since. She contends that with the skills that she gained from attending NCPC-SA training courses, “I have a broader base of services I can provide to my clients.”

Da Cruz doesn’t only assess and implement EnMS interventions, she also facilitates training and conducts energy management audits. “Doing this type of work is a feel-good thing. There are very concrete rewards,” she explains.

From when she started the introductory training through to expert-level in energy management, Da Cruz affirms that “the coursework was absolutely invaluable.” She credits this to both the national and international elements of the coursework that she received.

NCPC-SA training course material is based on the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation and the United Nations Environmental Programme’s RECP global network toolkit.

The Engineering Council of South Africa accredits all NCPC-SA courses. Candidates that attend all their training sessions receive Continuous Professional Development letters.

The NCPC-SA is a national resource efficiency programme of the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic) that is hosted by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research on behalf of the dtic.


Registrations are open for introductory, end-user or expert-level training courses here.

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