The 13th African Public Private Summit (APPP): A Transformative Gathering of Experts and Insights | Infrastructure news

The 13th African Public Private Summit (APPP) is gearing up to host an extraordinary event that will bring together a remarkable array of speakers, invaluable insights, and a wide range of topics. With an impressive lineup of sessions featuring renowned experts, this summit promises to offer an unmatched experience for professionals, policymakers, and investors. This article highlights key sessions and featured speakers that make this event an unmissable opportunity for anyone interested in public-private partnerships (PPPs) and infrastructure development.
Date: 24th – 26 October 2023

Opening Session: Building Partnerships for Successful PPP Programs

The summit kicks off with a high-level ministerial roundtable focused on “Building Partnerships to Deliver Successful PPP Programs.” Attendees will gain strategic insights and policy guidance from influential government officials. This session provides a unique chance to learn, share, and collaborate on driving successful PPP programs and advancing infrastructure development agendas. Valuable lessons and best practices from successful PPP cases in other developing countries will be shared, offering insights that can be adapted to the African context.

Session 1: Improving the Enabling Environment for PPPs

A panel discussion titled “Improving the Enabling Environment, Understanding the Key Necessary Steps” offers practical wisdom from invited experts from diverse countries. Attendees will gain actionable strategies for creating a better environment for PPPs, essential for driving sustainable infrastructure development and economic growth in their respective countries.

Featured Speakers:

Session 2: Emerging Trends in PPPs for Improved Infrastructure

In “Emerging Trends & Innovative Financial and Legal Considerations in PPPs to Deliver Improved Infrastructure & Better Value for Money,” attendees will explore cutting-edge financial and legal considerations in PPPs for infrastructure development. Industry experts will empower participants with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the evolving landscape of infrastructure financing and governance.

Featured Speakers:

Session 5: Transforming Transport Infrastructure for Sustainable Growth

“Transport Infrastructure Partnerships: Achieving Sustainable Growth via Investment in Modern Mobility for Goods and People” delves into the challenges and opportunities associated with modernizing transport infrastructure for sustainable growth. The focus on efficient and climate-friendly solutions, coupled with insights into emerging technologies, makes this session essential for anyone interested in the future of transportation and infrastructure development.

Featured Speakers:

Session 6: Exploring Renewable Energy and Waste-to-Energy Projects

The session on “New Renewable Energy, Waste to Energy Projects” offers a comprehensive exploration of the rapidly evolving landscape of renewable energy and waste-to-energy projects. Attendees will gain insights into project structures, strategies, considerations, and best practices from industry leaders and experts. This is a unique opportunity for policymakers, investors, and industry professionals to stay informed about the latest developments in sustainable energy projects.

Featured Speaker:

Session 7: Harnessing PPPs for Water Infrastructure & Sanitation

In “Utilizing PPPs for Water Infrastructure & Sanitation,” attendees will gain insights into innovative approaches for addressing water infrastructure and sanitation challenges. Successful projects and varied PPP models will be showcased, providing practical solutions that can be adapted to different national and regional contexts.

Featured Speakers:

Confirmed Speakers:

The event also boasts a roster of confirmed speakers who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the summit, including:

The 13th African Public Private Summit (APPP) promises to be a transformative event, offering a unique opportunity to gain insights, network with experts, and contribute to the advancement of PPPs and infrastructure development in Africa. Don’t miss this invaluable experience!

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