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Sanitech, a trusted sanitation and hygiene services provider, is proud to present the Sanisure solution. Sanisure is an advanced product that supports organisations in various sectors – such as mining and industrial sites, residential estates, office parks, and hospitality establishments – in proactively managing septic tanks while maintaining strict compliance with statutory waste disposal requirements.

Urgent call for responsible waste management amidst rising industry challenges

While recent industry trends show an increase in some waste disposal providers resorting to illegal waste discharge because of higher tariffs imposed by municipal wastewater treatment works, the responsible management of septic systems is still of critical importance for all organisations. The risk of septic tank overflow, and the hazards associated with illegal waste disposal include environmental contamination, health risks for employees, residents and customers, odour nuisances and property damage, all of which bring potential regulatory and legal consequences, operational disruptions, and downtime.

“Mitigating the risks associated with septic tank management is essential to maintain a safe and sustainable business or residential environment, and here, it is imperative to reiterate that every waste generator bears the liability for any illegal disposal of waste. The principle of ‘cradle to grave responsibility’ applies even where waste is transferred to another party, holding septic tank waste generators accountable until the waste is legally disposed of,” says Robert Erasmus, Managing Director at Sanitech.

Stringent compliance required for septic tank waste generators and handlers

Non-compliance with waste disposal regulations carries significant sanctions, including fines and imprisonment, in addition to costs associated with environmental rehabilitation in the case of water contamination. These penalties extend not only to the company but also to its employees and directors in their personal capacity. “We strongly urge organisations that are reliant on septic tanks for sanitation to ensure that they obtain the necessary documentation from their waste transporter and disposer to prove that waste has been legally disposed of,” explains Erasmus.

Until now, to manage septic tank waste, organisations had to implement regular septic system inspections and perform routine maintenance while promptly addressing any signs of septic tank issues, to ensure compliance with local regulations. However, such management approaches are heavily reliant on manual inspections, leaving room for oversight and delayed responses to critical issues, such as overflow or illegal discharge of waste.

Pioneering proactive septic tank maintenance for sustainable waste management

In response to these challenges, Sanitech has developed the Sanisure solution, a groundbreaking product that assists organisations in establishing the liquid level of septic tanks, enabling planned maintenance, and significantly reducing the risk of overflow. This innovative solution deploys state-of-the-art monitoring devices within septic tanks that are connected to a national network. “When the liquid level reaches a specified threshold, typically 80%, the system triggers an alert, enabling timely service and maintenance scheduling to prevent tank overflows,” says Erasmus.

Erasmus further states, “The Sanisure solution is a game-changer for a number of organisations, providing an unprecedented level of predictability and proactiveness, offering a reliable means to monitor septic tank levels and promptly address maintenance needs. By integrating this technology into our service offerings, we aim to streamline operations for businesses in the mining and industrial verticals, residential estates, office parks, and hospitality establishments, while giving them the means to meet their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) obligations.”

Sanisure solution: bridging operations and ESG goals for a safer, cleaner future

The Sanisure solution not only addresses critical operational challenges but also aligns with ESG objectives. By efficiently managing septic systems and mitigating risks associated with overflows, organisations contribute to environmental sustainability and responsible waste management. “Sanitech’s innovative approach combines technology, reliability, and cost-effectiveness to promote safer and more sustainable working and living environments, effectively managing waste on behalf of customers, and closing the loop on the ‘cradle to the grave’ responsibility,” Erasmus concludes.

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