SANRAL Assures Readiness of South Africa’s Road Network for Festive Season | Infrastructure news

As we gear up for the holidays, the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) assures us that our roads are good to go. However, there’s a serious word of caution from authorities. Holidays often bring more accidents and sadly, even deaths.

Last year was tough – 1,451 lives lost on the roads, especially during December 15-21 and 22-28. What went wrong? People crossing roads recklessly, speeding on slippery roads, overtaking where they shouldn’t, and poor visibility. The cops and safety folks are urging everyone to be extra careful this time.

It’s not just accidents. Last year saw more hijackings, drunk driving, and other crimes. And there’s stuff like spikes and rocks thrown on roads to slow down and rob or harm drivers. Paramedics are worried about the upcoming long weekends – they’re expecting some serious trouble.

So, as we get set for the first long weekend, the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) is reminding both truckers and public transport drivers to be in good shape before hitting the road.

For regular drivers, the RTMC says, “Make sure your ride is in good shape.” They mean fix those brakes and tires because 2.5% of fatal crashes happen because of tire bursts, and 2.4% because of slippery roads. And with rain expected, make sure your wipers and lights work – it’s all about seeing and being seen. They also say, “Drive during the day if you can. It’s much harder to see at night.”

So, while our roads are all set, let’s be extra careful out there. No one wants accidents and deaths during the holidays. Stay safe, everyone!

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