City of Tshwane’s Temba Waste Water Treatment Works Faces Threats from Criminal Syndicates | Infrastructure news

The Temba Waste Water Treatment Works in the City of Tshwane is currently grappling with criminal syndicates targeting its infrastructure. This week, vandals struck at the plant’s inlet works, damaging panels, and making away with cables, resulting in an estimated loss of R400,000.

In response, the municipality is seeking assistance from the public, urging anyone with information about the perpetrators to come forward. Incidents of cable theft and panel vandalism were reported within a two-day period, causing financial losses of R250,000 and R150,000, respectively.

Temba Fosi, MMC for Utilities and Regional Operations and Coordination, expressed concern over the impact of these incidents on service delivery. He highlighted that the vandalism and cable theft at the plant posed a significant threat to the functionality of essential infrastructure.

“On February 12, 2024, there was a reported case of cable theft and vandalism of panels at the Temba inlet works, resulting in an estimated cost of R250,000 in damages. Subsequently, on February 14, 2024, another incident of cable theft and further vandalism of panels was reported, with an estimated cost of R150,000,” Fosi explained.

He emphasized the pressing need for enhanced infrastructure security and called for collaboration between the City, communities, and the private sector to combat criminal syndicates. Fosi stressed that cable theft and vandalism strain the City’s budget and jeopardize crucial infrastructure essential for serving communities.

The Temba plant plays a crucial role in ensuring the cleanliness and safety of the water supply, and any disruption to its operations could have severe consequences for residents. Fosi acknowledged the importance of community engagement in preventing such criminal activities, urging those with information to cooperate with law enforcement authorities.

The City is committed to building partnerships with residents, community organizations, and businesses to establish a network of vigilant stakeholders. This collaborative effort aims to monitor and safeguard critical infrastructure facilities like the Temba plant.

Fosi concluded, “Together, we can combat vandalism and theft, ensuring the continued operation and integrity of essential public utilities for the benefit of all residents. The City remains steadfast in ensuring the safety and security of its infrastructure, working diligently to address this issue and safeguard the interests of our residents.”

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