Transnet to invest in Durban Port road rehabilitation | Infrastructure news

Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) says it will invest some R233 million in the comprehensive rehabilitation of the Durban Port Road.

TNPA said the project is expected to be implemented over a two-year period, with a traffic management plan in place to redirect traffic flow.

TNPA Port Manager for the Port of Durban, Nkumbuzi Ben-Mazwi, said: “Embarking on this road rehabilitation journey will ensure that we deliver on our mandate of providing port infrastructure to ensure the port’s efficient functioning as the economic gateway to our South African economy.”

The TNPA explained that this comes on the back of the “intensified pressure posed by an influx of trucks on the Port of Durban’s road infrastructure”.

“The Port of Durban is a crucial contributor to the South African economy, handling approximately 60% of the country’s total container volumes. Most of the container volumes handled are moved through the Southern Road Network of the port and over the years, the influx of trucks entering the port has substantially increased. The intensified surge has led to the deterioration of the overall road infrastructure.

“The improved condition of port roads will positively impact on port operational efficiencies and the smooth flow of traffic in the targeted precincts. The Maydon Wharf will take precedence, with 16 roads set for repairs, followed by Island View with three roads and two on Bayhead.

“In addition to repairing the structural defects, the restoration of functional defects, such as surface drainage issues due to damaged manholes and inlets caused by heavy vehicles, is included in the project scope,” the TNPA said.

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