Omaruru bids farewell to septic tank system | Infrastructure news

In a bid to modernise its sanitation infrastructure and address long-standing issues, the Omaruru municipality is preparing to implement a new waste water treatment system.

The system will replace the current septic tank waste removal method, which has proven to be inefficient and problematic for the town’s residents.

Historically, Omaruru has relied on an oxidation pond system, but the state of the septic tanks has become a significant concern, necessitating this vital upgrade.

Omaruru CEO Valentinus Sindongo recently explained: “Currently, we use trucks to empty septic tanks from residential properties. These septic tanks are in a dilapidated state and pose a health threat to the public.”

Sindongo said the municipality’s fleet of trucks operates around the clock and this 24-hour operation often results in mechanical failures and operational inefficiencies, putting a strain on the town’s resources.

Apart from frequent breakdowns of the trucks, which have led to numerous issues, including the overflow of septic tanks, the entire town relies on the septic tanks, and each resident is required to call the municipality for the tanks to be emptied, creating a constant demand for the overworked trucks.

In response to these critical issues, the municipality has initiated a preliminary phase of establishing a new waste water treatment system. This phase includes detailed cost estimation discussions and the roll-out of the design and tender processes.

The construction of the new system is anticipated to begin between August and September, starting with phase one of the project. This phase will involve the initial groundwork and installation of essential components of the new treatment system.

“This ambitious project aims to provide a long-term solution to the town’s sanitation challenges, paving the way for a healthier future for all residents,” the CEO said.

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