Ghana: poor sanitation in Bolgatanga Municipality | Infrastructure news

Administrators at the Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly have thrown cleanliness to the dogs with a flimsy excuse that the assembly lacked funds to evacuate the overflowing refuse containers. Filth is gradually engulfing the municipality which was adjudged the cleanest in Ghana, and given the Cleanest City Award in 2004.

Having received this worthy award, one would have thought that would have spurred the people in the Municipality to be more responsibly in maintaining a clean environment, and encourage the managers to continue to strive for more honours.

But, nine years on, the municipality is facing serious sanitation problems, as little has been done to keep the city clean. If immediate action is not taken to address the situation, it would soon pose a health hazard to residents.

For the past one month, refuse containers in the municipality have not been emptied. When this reporter visited the sites of most of the containers, it was clear that residents were now pouring refuse at beside the containers, because they were full to the brim. The contents of some of the containers are also often set on fire.

It is clear that while residents are dumping refuse indiscriminately and littering every part of the municipality, the administrators are also not living up to the task.


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