Connecting transporters and loads in the SADC region | Infrastructure news

A new interactive web and mobile interface has been launched providing a solution to manage shipment and transport needs.

According to Mark Goodger, acting CEO of GMLS South Africa, “LoadSmart, is a website-based networking platform developed by PROSADC in cooperation with GMLS South Africa dealing with the needs of southern Africa’s freight transportation industry.”

“As a marketplace for networking transporters, logistic operators and freighters, the company aims to deliver a better end-to-end support service that shipping agents, transporters and freight forwarders can benefit from, ensuring an improved goods circulation and day-to-day trade in southern Africa.”

Applicants are screened to ensure that only the most reliable transporters are members of the company. Being a member of the network offers several benefits, which according to Goodger,  including genuine contracts and loads, trustworthy and safe transporters, chances of increased trips for transporters and lower taxes for freight forwarders. Website users can see available loads, post loads, view available vehicles and post vehicles.

“LoadSmart will,” states Goodger, “cover all the logistic corridors in southern Africa. Our aim is to create opportunities for businesses that are looking for contracts or loads for their vehicles as well as for customers who have contracts or loads that require vehicles for transportation to connect.”

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